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Shoulder PainShoulder Pain

Do You Have?

  1. Sharp pain upon lifting your arm overhead?
  2. Constant dull and achy pain in your shoulder and mid-back?
  3. Decreased strength and endurance in your shoulder?

What Is Causing These Symptoms?

  1. Overuse of your muscles.
  2. Improper joint mechanics in your hips, mid-back, neck, clavicle or shoulder joint
  3. Muscle imbalances via: tight anterior muscles (pecs & subscapularis) and fatigued/weakened posterior muscles (rhomboids & traps)
  4. Decreased oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injured joints and tissues

How Do We Fix It?

At Active Care Family Chiropractic in Summerville SC we conduct a thorough physical exam to evaluate your joints and muscles. We are looking for improper joint bio-mechanics that are causing wear and tear on your muscles in your shoulders. Once we have identified the cause for your shoulder pain, we use Active Release Technique to break down any scar tissue or adhesion's in your muscles. Once we have done this we give you detailed stretching and strengthening exercises to do to make sure that the problem does not come back.